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Re: New nic & kernel modules question

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 09:24:15AM -0000, Gary Parker wrote:
> .... Is it possible to simply
> compile that module on it's own or do I have to go through the whole
> rigmarole of a full kernel recompile using make-kpkg? And if so, how?
AFAIK - You DO need the kernel headers.

Since I regularly compile/recompile modules the foll. is what
I do when I upgrade kernel: ( Note that it's not within the
dpkg system, but so far everything works fine! )

1. Keep a distro image, config and system-map file as LinuxOLD
2. Untar source and 'make menuconfig' and dumbly save config file
3. Plonk the distro-config file in place of .config.
4. 'make menuconfig' and make any personal choices.
5. 'make deps', 'make bZimage', 'make modules'
6. 'make modules-install' and copy image, .config and System.map
   to /boot/MYversion ( .config as config-MYversion )
7. Update silo (sparc) or lilo (i386) and the modutils files
8. Copy source tree to CD ( so I can remount it when needed ).

Now I can compile individual module-files individually -
with the CD mounted, and a hacked Makefile.
If you can't keep the whole source tree, just keep the headers tree.
Steps 2,3 saves a lot of time.

If you use the make-kpkg, you will remain within the packaging
system - the versioning criteria daunts me.

Hope this is useful,

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