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New nic & kernel modules question

Hi all,
	I'm running 3.0r2 on an Ultra1 with the appropriate udelay(1) patch
to hme.o to stop it locking up whenever I do anything vaguely useful with
the box and a 64-bit egcs compiled version of the 2.4.24 kernel.

I've just popped a 501-2981 ethernet/scsi card into the machine so I can
mess about trying to set it up as a router but I don't have the lance driver
compiled into the kernel or available as a module. Is it possible to simply
compile that module on it's own or do I have to go through the whole
rigmarole of a full kernel recompile using make-kpkg? And if so, how?

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n IT Bandwidth Management Specialist - http://www.bmas.ja.net |
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