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Re: 64bits & df

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 19:12, Ben Collins wrote:
> Ok, I've gotten glibc build fixed up again so that v9 and 64-bit get
> built correctly. Not sure when this will show up in the archive, but
> consider it a done deal from my side.
> Also, anyone noticing that the sparc32 program is broken, that got fixed
> already and the 1.9-2.2 package of sparc-utils contains a working
> binary.
> I turn my back for one second... :)

 Thanks very much for tracking down these problems and fixing them.
jbailey said he would like -10 to get into testing, 2 days from now
then do an urgency high or medium upload for -11 with the sparc v9
and sparc64 fixes.


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