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ss20 hypersparc smp update

I thrashed the 2.4.x smp kernels again most of the
day yesterday, trying to stick close to 2.4.21 version
since it was reported to be fairly stable.  Always
something trashed on the way up.  Close perhaps, but
never all the way up.

I dropped back to 2.2.25 (latest in 2.2.x series)
compiled with gcc 2.95 and it booted SMP first
time like a champ.  What a relief.  Time to
relearn ipchains I suppose.

I wonder if a gentoo compile-from-scratch with
hypersparc optimizations would help the 2.4 series?
I'm guessing not, but don't know.

Also, on the way up into SMP 2.2.25, several
"unimplemented sparc system call" error messages
popped up on the console.  The unimplemented sparc
calls were 32, 53, 69, and 89.  Should I be
worried? (said nervously ...)


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