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Re: Installing Debin on Sun Ultra 10

On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 14:57, mfcosta@ig.com.br wrote:
> Sorry my english, but i need to install a Linux on a Sun Ultra 10, but i 
> have difficults to find the link to donwload a specifc  distribution for 
> Sparc. Is the same distribution for Intel? I dont believe in it. 

You need the "Sparc" version.  

Have you seen the Portugese version of the installation guide for SPARC?


To install Debian Woody on my Ultra 10, I used another Linux system to
burn a CD using netinst.iso.bz2 from:


When you boot this CD on the U10, you begin a "network install" which
downloads additional files from Debian sites on the internet using FTP
or HTTP.

You can buy the Sparc version of Woody on CDs.  For example, this
company will ship internationally:


-- SP

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