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Undefined reference in inputdrv.o on kernel compile

I am trying to compile a 2.4.18 kernel for my Ultra 5 Sparc. Right now I am
getting this error:

drivers/input/inputdrv.o: In function `emulate_raw' :
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text+0xaa0): undefined reference to `handle_scancode'
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text+0xab0): undefined reference to `handle_scancode'
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text+0xabc): undefined reference to `handle_scancode'
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text+0xae8): undefined reference to `handle_scancode'
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text+0xb38): undefined reference to `handle_scancode'
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text+0xb4c): more undefined references to
`handle_scancode' follow
drivers/input/inputdrv.o: In function `keybdev_init':
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text.init+0x7c): undefined reference to `kbd_ledfunc'
drivers/input/inputdrv.o(.text.init+0x8c): undefined reference to `kbd_ledfunc'
make[1]: *** [vmlinux] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18'
make: *** [stamp-build] Error 2

I am using make-kpkg to build my kernel:

make-kpkg --revision=paravel.1.0 --arch sparc kernel_image

I'm not sure if the sparc kernel headers are being used, so this may be the
problem. Although help specific to this problem would be appreciated, it would
be better if someone could point me to comprehensive instructions for using
make-kpkg to compile sparc kernels since I've run into numerous problems.

Rob Mosher

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