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running X w/serial console (XDCMP)

I was wanting to run gdm w/XDCMP on my ultra 1 which has a serial
console, I can get the GDM login screen but cannot get past that,
the logs say X failed to start, when I tried to configure X it
still wouldn't load saying /dev/tty0 (or something like that) did
not exist. is there a way to get GDM to do this? maybe it's a
config option, I don't think I need to run a local X server if
I am logging into XDCMP? (local as in on the sparc). Haven't
ever tried this configuration before.

or if there is a way to run a local X server w/serial console
I could try that too, maybe tricking it into thinking /dev/tty0
is there somehow?



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