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Re: running X w/serial console (XDCMP)

Matthew French said:

> Check /etc/inittab. The tty's are managed from there. It may be that you
> have getty tty0 when you shouldn't - or the other way round.
> I presume you have checked that /dev/tty0 exists?
> The other thing that bothers me is that with X it should be using
> /dev/tty7.

it does exist, but I think since I am using a serial console the
hardware disables the port(no keyboard/mouse/monitor connected)

> I run my Ultra5 with a serial console, and X does not start up. But
> then, I have no keyboard attached, so it is not too surprising X does
> not start.

so maybe it's just going to be getting gdm not to try to start X locally..


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