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E450 installation problems


I have an Ultra 450 Enterprise Server and I'm trying to install Debian 3.0 for Sparc to it. Here is what I do.

1. I make an iso image of the debian/sparc boot installation cd using jigdo-lite in the windows platform. 2. I have burnt the iso image with a variety of burning programs such as "Veritas", "Nero" and "ECDC" in maximum speed (that means 16x) 3. I do a "Stop-A", insert the installation CD and type "boot cdrom". The CD boots. 4. I have 3 disks of 17Gb each. I format the first one with 512Mb swap and the rest ext3. The two others are formatted as ext3 each. 5. I mount the swap and the / partition on the first disk. I mount the /home partition on the second disk and a /storage on the third disk.

Problems :

6. On the "load kernel modules" menu I receive a "Modules cannot loaded" error or sth like that.
7. The rest of the installation continues without problems.
8. ..."make system bootable" and ....
9. ... reboot!

When the system is rebooted it cannot find the "SILO" or anything else!
And the weird is that it boots the previous OS (Solaris 9)!!!!!!??????

Any ideas of what am I missing?

Thanx alot for your time!


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