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Re: [debian-sparc] Which is best distro for Ultra 10


On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Amit Mehra wrote:

> Few questions to the linux users who have worked on Sun Ultra 10

And others, too.

> I have a Sun Ultra10 workstation(UltraSPARC-IIi 300MHz, 256 MB RAM) and
> plan
> to port a HPUX 10.20 based system on this machine using Linux. My
> questions are:
> 1. Is this possible?

Maybe, maybe not. That depends on the thing you want to port.

> 2.What Linux distro should I use?

The one you like. But since you wrote this to debian-sparc, then maybe you
already choosed the Debian project?

> 3.Which is the best known Linux supported on Sun Ultra machines?

I'd go for a Debian.

> 4. Is Sun Ultra support available on the internet?

What kind of support? Hardware? Software? Development?

> 5. How far this Ultra system better then a Intel system?

It produces more heat, the case is nicer and has a better internal
arrangement (well, maybe not the Ultra5/10 ones, but the Ultra1/2

You only have to define what 'better' means for you.

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