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Re: 2.4.2-rc6 sun4u root partition mounting failures

For some reason changing the HOSTCC line in the kernel Makefile wasn't working...

Is there a way to tell make-kpkg to use a different gcc?

env HOSTCC=sparc64-linux-gcc make-kpkg... didn't seem to work.


gcc-3.3 is not suitable for compiling kernels. I wouldn't call it a bug.
The issue is that the kernel build files check if "gcc" is capable of
building 64-bit, and if so, it uses it.

It should just use sparc64-linux-gcc. You could have done this a lot
easier by editing arch/sparc64/Makefile in the kernel sources and
commenting out the CC= line and adding one for "CC=sparc64-linux-gcc".

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