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Re: U1E hangs on "make" under Debian latest stable.

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 06:38:41PM -0700, Ian McKee wrote:
> U1E #1 will always hang during a configure/make/make install procedure.
> In particular, during "make" of libxml-2.5.6, or bash-2.05a, the machine
> hangs, becomes unresponsive to input, and requires a hard power off to
> reboot.  After this the disk must be fsck'd to reboot.
> U1E #2 does not hang during any "make" procedures I have tried.

To me it sounds like you probably have a harware problem with U1E
#1.  Compiling often brings out hardware problems since it taxes
the hardware.

Try some other method of getting a high load on the machine and
see if you can get it to lock up that way.  My guess is the
problem might be in the memory.  Try swapping memory between the
two machines and see if the "problem" machine switches.

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