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U1E hangs on "make" under Debian latest stable.

Hi all,

I have a pair of apparently identical Sun Ultrasparc 1E workstations
with the following specs:

U1E #1: 200MHz, 256MB, 9.1GB, a Creator 3D card, etc.
U1E #2: 200MHz, 128MB, 9.1GB, a C6 8-bit card, etc.

After installing the stable debian release 2.4.18 on each machine via
net-boot (I set up a SS5 as a tftp server to do this) I can get the U1Es
booting by themselves and acting nicely.  In terms of installed
software, they should be nearly identical.

U1E #1 will always hang during a configure/make/make install procedure.
In particular, during "make" of libxml-2.5.6, or bash-2.05a, the machine
hangs, becomes unresponsive to input, and requires a hard power off to
reboot.  After this the disk must be fsck'd to reboot.

U1E #2 does not hang during any "make" procedures I have tried.

I will do some more research to find out where in "make" #1 hangs, (i.e.
in gcc, sh, make, etc.) but first I would like to know if anyone has
experienced a problem like this before.  Could it be hardware related?
Please let me know if any more information could be helpful.

Ian McKee

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