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Re: Help with Creator 3D! on woody

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Joel A. Matz wrote:

> I had a very similar issue, I sovled the screen aspect by setting the
> default depth at 32bbp:
> ie:
> Section "Device"
>         Identifier  "Card0"
>         Driver      "suncg14"
>         BusID       "SBUS:/obio/cgfourteen@2,0"
> EndSection

It seems that I haven't got the hang on Xfree on debian yet.

Now I'm updating another machine from RH6.2 to debian woody and I stumbled 
on the same issue as before.

This is an U2SMP with a Creator 3D (series 3).

This time I selected sunffb and manually configured che config file to 32 

Same behaviour as SS20/SX, i.e. no X running. This was tested with kernel 
2.2.20 and 2.4.18.

fbset reports: mode "1024x864-113", tried a resolution of 1024x864 with no 
difference in output.

Are there some other issues with the Creator ?

Is woody fatally flawed on sparc? Is sid any better in relation to getting 
X running (4.2 rather than 4.1) ?

Any comment will be appreciated as the transition to debian is getting 
bloodier by the machine.

Antonio Prioglio [a.prioglio@cbtcentre.co.uk]
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre - London

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