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Re: Help with SS20/SX (cg14) on woody

On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Joel A. Matz wrote:

> I've been using 2.2.20 SMP only.  My VSIMM is only a 4 meg & I think
> pushing it with 32bpp may be the issue.  A quick look at the CG14 server
> code tells me  it needs a closer look.  I just need to find a few hours of
> quality time with the box, the X server code & some sun hardware docs, but
> it hasn't been a pressing issue.
Thanks. If you need to test something let me know. BTW, are there any 
2.2.23 kernel deb pkg? source or binary?

Antonio Prioglio [a.prioglio@cbtcentre.co.uk]
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre - London

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