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Internet with Debian & Cayman 3220 router slower than with Windows & 56K modem

Dear Debians,

I am connecting to internet with Debian for SPARC and a Cayman 3220H router.

I tested the line for the n-th time today and it is slower that with a 56K 
modem (!!!) under Windows 98 ... how is it possible?

The resolv.conf file contains the IP address of my router as DNS nameserver - 
I presume this is wrong, it was configured automatically during installation 
of the OS in this way.

I tried to edit the resolv.conf with the ISP data, but when I reboot the 
computer the edited file gets overwritten with the old configuration data - 
or what? 

Is it possible to tune this thing better to internet?

Thanks for your attention.


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