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Introduction and First Question that I've never been able to answer...

Greetings everyone....

I have been using Debian sparc for several years covering sun4c/m/u architectures and am a certified Sun field technician. I look forward to helping the list out when it comes to dealing with hardware issues as well as OS/software related. I run all sparc Debian and solaris at home and am the Field Team Lead for the company I work for by day.

My major administration question is;

How on earth do I get Debian to handle the OBP setting of 'local-mac-address' properly so that I have the unique mac addresses provided from the card installed and not the hostid of the box?

I see this setting doesn't get handled by 2.2 or by 2.4 by default out of the box (or at all) and I would like to ensure that my unique MACs are actually the ones on the cards themselves. Solaris handles this all very nicely on the same box.

I primarily want this answered so I can have unique and accurate MAC's on my firewall and my file server has a pair of RSM 2000 attached with several NICs running solaris. I discovered that when dealing with cheaper consumer switches under Debian or solaris, leaving the MAC addresses set to default of non unique based on the hostid results in much NFS grief between Debian clients (on sparc or intel) and Solaris NFS servers.

Thank you


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