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Re: TFTP on SS2

ooh. perhaps this is what is wrong with 2.4.2 on my SS20, which
won't load from SILO.  Memory is 512MB, which I believe is the
maximum config.  Different problem, but the slink install wouldn't
work on the same machine because of too much memory, so back in
those days I was running --gulp-- RH 6.1.  Until potato, when both
the RH and memory size too big problems got fixed ~:^)


Jim Clark wrote:
> I think kernels below 2.4.3 will only run with 128MB RAM or less. (Although
> I havent successfully booted with more than 96MB)
> I use 2.4.2 and i need to provide a "mem=" boot string to silo or the system
> hangs after Booting Linux
> I'm not 100% sure - can someone else confirm/refute this?
> If you have 128MB or less then this is irellevant :)
> Otherwise - you might want to yank some RAM and retry (leave just 64MB in to
> be safe).
> Should have mentioned this earlier, but is was _early_ :)
> Hope my innane ramblings here help.

Me too.  ~:)

> Jim Clark - jim@scotnet.co.uk
> Sun Systems Administrator
> IBM E-Business Services

Wow, how'd you get that job?

> p.s. The SS5, like the SS20 is a sun4m
> > "Jim Clark" <jim@scotnet.co.uk> writes:
> >
> > > I've successfully installed from a x86 linux system using rarp and
> > > tftp on an SS20.  It seems that the rarp and tftp stages have worked
> > > successfully here, but the loaded kernel is hanging.
> >
> > In that case, this bug is a kernel bug rather than a boot-floppies
> > but, no?
> >
> > Which kernel would be used on the SS5, the kernel-image-2.2.19-sun4cdm ?

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