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Please retain the CC to <83431@bugs.debian.org>.

You reported:

> model: Sun SparcStation 2
> memory: 32MB RAM

> I ran a RARP and TFTP server on an Intel box on the same subnet as
> the Sparc.  I can get the Sparc to boot from the net using the "boot
> net" command.  tcpdump on the intel box shows the RARP transaction
> and the tftp transfer of the boot image.  The sparc counts the bytes
> received in hex, then prints "TILO" immediately and after about a 5
> second delay it prints "Booting Linux..." and hangs.  I have had
> RedHat 6.2 running on this box for some time now and I wanted to
> change it to a Debian machine.

I don't have this hardware so we rely on other testers.  

Could you please try this with the 2.3.5 or better boot-floppies?
Those are perhaps not prime time but we aren't really working on the
2.2.x series of boot-floppies anymore.

Can any one on the debian-sparc list confirm or infirm that TFTP works
for SS2 or other sparc models?  I have in Bug#97220 a report that
debootstrap segfaults immediately after booting.

I hope some of the people on this list can play around with the new
Woody boot-floppies and file intelligent bugs, whether it's on the
kernel or boot-floppies or whatever package.  That will make the woody
release a whole lot better.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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