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Re: new install on ultra1/creator - cannot get video going

Hi Howard!

	I have a Sun Ultra1/Creator3D sitting next to me right now with Debian
	installed on it. My first install on it went fine (2.2r1 I
	believe) - do you have an official Debian CD set ?

> Thing is, I have installed this 3 times now, with reduced number of
> packages each time, and each time it gets to the video configuration
> during CD1 I get the message
> "Your video card was successfully identified. The (( Cannot open 
> /proc/bus/pci/devices. You probably have an old kernel. Support for
> the old Linux PCI interface should be coming soon )) server will
> be installed"        
>                 [ double (( )) speculatively added by me ]
> Linux installs correctly aside from the video config. I can't run X in
> any shape or form. Can anbody suggest what I am missing. I am
> a Solaris guy normally, please forgive my newbie question... :-)

	I vaguely remember something like this happening, but I ignored it and
	X still worked fine. AFAIK X 3.3.6 doesn't use an XF86Config file, so
	whatever is generated will be ignored - it uses the framebuffer device
	(X 4.0.1 in unstable does use an XF86Config file, which is what I
	currently use, and I simply downloaded and used an XF86Config file
	posted to this group a few months back).

	Which xserver package did you install ? I used xserver-xsun24, and
	simply issued xinit and everything worked fine.

	What error messages are printed to the screen when you start X ?

	Debian runs quite nicely on an Ultra1 though - hope you're able to get
	it up and running soon. :-)



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