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new install on ultra1/creator - cannot get video going

I'm attempting my first sparc/linux install on an ultra 1/167 w/Creator,
256Mb, Quad Ether card, 2 x 9Gb. I'm using Debian Sparc 2.2r3,
dated 27/04/01 (potato), I have a 3CD set from a linux vendor.

Thing is, I have installed this 3 times now, with reduced number of
packages each time, and each time it gets to the video configuration
during CD1 I get the message

"Your video card was successfully identified. The (( Cannot open 
/proc/bus/pci/devices. You probably have an old kernel. Support for
the old Linux PCI interface should be coming soon )) server will
be installed"        

                [ double (( )) speculatively added by me ]

Linux installs correctly aside from the video config. I can't run X in
any shape or form. Can anbody suggest what I am missing. I am
a Solaris guy normally, please forgive my newbie question... :-)

I'm frustrated as I went through the archives and saw specific
posts about ultra 1 / creator on debian, so i assumed there would
not be a problem, it is a familiar configuration of machine

The only thing that was slightly weird during install was that I had
to specify my CDROM as /dev/sr0 rather than /dev/cdrom. Even
weirder is that I installed an old RedHat 6.0 SPARC on the
machine for the hell of it and the X server came up just fine???
However, I really want the up to date Debian release!

Help! :-)


Howard Glynn [ howard@glynn.net ]  
AOL IM:  "howgly"
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 

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