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Re: new install on ultra1/creator - cannot get video going

On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 08:49:41PM +0100, Howard Glynn wrote:
> I'm attempting my first sparc/linux install on an ultra 1/167 w/Creator,
> 256Mb, Quad Ether card, 2 x 9Gb. I'm using Debian Sparc 2.2r3,
> dated 27/04/01 (potato), I have a 3CD set from a linux vendor.
> Thing is, I have installed this 3 times now, with reduced number of
> packages each time, and each time it gets to the video configuration
> during CD1 I get the message

Note, the X configurator is very PCI specific, and Creator isn't PCI.
You should install the xserver-xsun24 package. After that it should just

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