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Re: Installing debian on a SunBlade 100

Olivier Bornet writes:
 > OK, now I'm ready to compile my own 2.4.x kernel. I have all the needed
 > stuff, and allready have compile a standard 2.4.5 which boot correctly
 > on the Ultra, but hang on the Blade (certainly a wrong choice for the
 > Video Card) when starting X.
 > Can you send to me which test I can make ? (and eventualy the .config you
 > use for generate the "standard" distributed kernel image).

All I do is:

"make oldconfig; make dep; make clean; make vmlinux; make modules"

I do this for every kernel and every machine I have here, I never
make any modifications to the config except to comment out
"CONFIG_SMP" for my non-SMP machines, which is easily done via

bash# cp arch/sparc64/defconfig .config
bash# {vi,emacs,whatever} .config

Putting a "#" in front of CONFIG_SMP, then running the build command
line I listed above.

Do this and try to get a working 2.4.5 kernel on the blade, then we'll
move on to trying to deal with the display noise.

David S. Miller

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