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Re: X problems on stable.


"Jonathan D. Amery" wrote:
>  I'm running a Sparc LX on Debian stable and just installed the
> xserver-xsun package.  I logged in fine to the X session that was
> thrown up and everything seemed to be working then I switched to a
> virtual console.  A couple of keypresses later my X's screen superimposes
> itself on my VC and both hangup requireing logging in from a remote
> machine to fix the problem...

I had a similar problem with my SPARCstation 2. Parts of the X screen
could suddenly be seen on a virtual console and some time later the
whole machine locked, so I needed to login remotly to reboot it.
I did not find a solution, but I found out that this is a problem
with the framebuffer device. The system was running potato and kernel
2.2.17. I can't say if an upgrade will help as this machine does not
run Linux anymore.
Just to let you know: My SPARC worked stable if I did not switch to
a virtual console and only used X.


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