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Re: deb-sparc X and other questions

mstockda@dti.net wrote:

> 1) What's the general state of the debian-sparc port (from a day to day usage viewpoint, rather than a feature-list viewpoint). I'm trying to decide what OS to run on my SS20, between debian, OpenBSD, and Solaris.. Basically, I want to run a bunch of xterms and a browser (konquerer, mozilla, whichever).. The key being, I want to do it in 24bit color. which brings me to my next questions.

Potato is very stable and clean (except for small install probs):

jcc05:/usr/local/home/ragga$ uname -a
Linux jcc05 2.2.17 #1 Fri Sep 22 12:01:06 JST 2000 sparc unknown
jcc05:/usr/local/home/ragga$ uptime
 10:05am  up 161 days, 19:31,  2 users,  load average: 0.07, 0.02, 0.00

There's not so much difference from a usage point between Debian and
OpenBSD on the Sun4m arch. From an administrative point I think you
can't beat Debian but NetBSD and OpenBSD are well worth having a look at.
Especially if you are short on memory or HD.
Solaris is somewhat a resource hog but before you choose you may 
really want to check support for the apps you want to run. The
Linux world is a bit i86 biased so don't be surprised if there's
no linux/sparc options.
(Note also that in many cases SunOS emulation is a working option
with Debian and *BSD)

> 2) What's the state of debian-sparc and cg14 support in Xfree 4.0.2? I installed debian and upgraded to woody, but the actual Xfree 4 xserver is nowhere to be found (even a quick manual check of the mirrors show it to be missing). Am I going to have to build it from source? (I have the source package from brandens site. it takes a _long_ time for the build to fail on my SM50 cpu :)

There doesn't seem to be any XF4 server built in the pool area right now.
Let's wait a few days. (that's the time it would take to compile anyway 
on the SS20  8^)



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