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Problems with X


Excuse my english, I'll try to explain the problem I have:

I've recently installed Debian Potato on a Sparc Station 5. Everything OK
during the installation.

But now I have problems starting X. It doesn't work as normal user. It
works OK as root, but I won't be executing X as root :). And it should

I have the message:

PEXExtensionInit: Couldn't open default PEX font file  Roman_M

in xdm.log

I looked for information about this and I found it was not a critic
error. Anyway, I've already installed the package:

xfonts-pex					install

Also, I have a message from kernel:

Mar  2 14:28:38 conga kernel: Unknown Keyboard ioctl: 40245408

And I haven't found so information about this.

Errors occur even when I run X as root.

Thanks for any help.



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