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deb-sparc X and other questions

Hey everyone-

Let me preface this say saying that if the answers to the questions I am about to ask are in a FAQ somewhere, please just point me to it.. a quick search of the web and persual of the list archives still leaves me with questions, however, so...

1) What's the general state of the debian-sparc port (from a day to day usage viewpoint, rather than a feature-list viewpoint). I'm trying to decide what OS to run on my SS20, between debian, OpenBSD, and Solaris.. Basically, I want to run a bunch of xterms and a browser (konquerer, mozilla, whichever).. The key being, I want to do it in 24bit color. which brings me to my next questions.

2) What's the state of debian-sparc and cg14 support in Xfree 4.0.2? I installed debian and upgraded to woody, but the actual Xfree 4 xserver is nowhere to be found (even a quick manual check of the mirrors show it to be missing). Am I going to have to build it from source? (I have the source package from brandens site. it takes a _long_ time for the build to fail on my SM50 cpu :)

Thanks in advance for any help,


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