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XFonts segfault in unstable


I am currently playing with Debian on one of our Ultra10s. First I installed the stable dist but the X server was quite unreliable, so I tried to upgrade to the unstable version to check out if this helps. (I know that this is dangerous but currently this machine is not used, so I have some time to do experiments ;-) ).

The problem now is that the xfonts-[100dpi|75dpi|base|scalable] packages all produce a segmentation fault in line 58 of the post installation script. I tried to find some info on this problem on the web and waited some days but nothing helped. Can anybody give me a hint?

How unstable is unstable anyway? Can I use this as my workstation or will it break down occasionally after an upgrade (my skills as UNIX/Linux admin are not big but existent, ao I might be able to fix small problems)?

Does XFree 4.0 support the Creator3D card? Can I use XFree 4.0 with the stable dist?

Thanks and if this should be a RTFM please attach URLs ;-)


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