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Re: XFonts segfault in unstable

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Becker <pbecker@meganesia.int.gu.edu.au> writes:
    Peter> The problem now is that the
    Peter> xfonts-[100dpi|75dpi|base|scalable] packages all produce a
    Peter> segmentation fault in line 58 of the post installation
    Peter> script. I tried to find some info on this problem on the
    Peter> web and waited some days but nothing helped. Can anybody
    Peter> give me a hint?

mkfontdir was broken due to breakage in /usr/lib/libz.so.  It should no longer be broken.  Try upgrading to bleeding edge unstable:

        apt-get update
        agt-get -u dist-upgrade (or apt-get -u dselect-upgrade)



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