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Re: installation difficulties

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the advice so far.  I've made some progress but I'm still
not all the way there.  Now that I partition the Sparc 5 with a 500 Meg
"/", 1GB "/usr" and 512Meg swap, I'm able to get the bootup during
installation to have SILO find the vmlinuz and continue the installation
procedure (actually, its not hands-free as it initially boots with the
dreaded error:
  Boot device:/iommu/sbus/espdma@5,8400000/esp@5,8800000/sd@3,0 File and
  Bad magic number in disk label
  Can't open disk label package
  Can't open boot device
but then I type "boot disk1" at the "ok" prompt, SILO comes up and finds
vmlinuz and it continues).

However, just before starting installation of all the packages, it asks
for the media on which they're available.  I specify the CD-ROM (Toshiba
4x SCSI internal bootable that came with Sparc 5), but the routine is
unable to find my CD-ROM automatically.  It asks for me to specify the
cd-rom device (I forget the exact message), so I try both "/cdrom" and
"/dev/cdrom", but these fail with the error "No block device found".  I
can't install over the net because the academic environment I'm in won't
give me an IP drop for this machine.  I'm thinking maybe I have to install
a loadable SCSI module for the kernel to be able to find the CD-ROM, but
the boot procedure is able to speak to the SCSI hard drive and recognizes
the CD-ROM on bootup (to speak nothing of installing the base package from
it), so I'm not sure if this is it. Further suggestions would be very much
appreciated (also on how to have the initial power-on boot go directly to
the appropriate disk1 rather than giving me the error message.  Must I
tweak silo.conf?).

Thanks so much and take care,


On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> Also try "ls" at the silo prompt and see if it's there. More than likely
> this is caused by boot being on a seperate partition. Might want to redo
> that installation without the extra /boot (try a 500Meg "/", 1G "/usr" and
> 512Meg swap).

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