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Re: installation difficulties

Daniel Freedman wrote:

>   Bad magic number in disk label
>   Can't open disk label package
>   Can't open boot device
> but then I type "boot disk1" at the "ok" prompt, SILO comes up and finds
> vmlinuz and it continues).

The default SCSI id that Suns such as the Sparc 5 use for booting is id 3.
The machine looks on that disk first unless you tell it otherwise.

> 4x SCSI internal bootable that came with Sparc 5), but the routine is
> unable to find my CD-ROM automatically.  It asks for me to specify the
> cd-rom device (I forget the exact message), so I try both "/cdrom" and
> "/dev/cdrom", but these fail with the error "No block device found".  

In /etc/fstab you can find the mountpoint for the CD, probably /mnt/cdrom,
so try `mount /mnt/cdrom`.

> appreciated (also on how to have the initial power-on boot go directly to
> the appropriate disk1 rather than giving me the error message.  Must I
> tweak silo.conf?).

>From the 'ok' prompt (you can get there by typing 'halt' on the SILO prompt,
type 'setenv boot-device disk1 disk net'. This way your machine will first
try to boot from disk1, then disk and finally net.

When you're in the mood, you might want to re-install on the disk with
target 3. This will probably bring back memories :-)


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