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Re: netscape and others ...

Tibor Simko <tibor.simko@cern.ch> writes:

> > I run libc6 2.1.94-3, but I'm of course not completely sure it's
> > glibc that's causeing the bus error, might be one of the other
> > libraries.
> FWIW I was running an older version of libc6 with woody.  As soon as I
> upgraded to libc6 2.1.95-1 the bus error appeared... )-:

Sorry to hear that. I was thinking about trying fix it by getting the
old libc6 and some other libraries, and do some creative scripting and
use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Netscape will most likely not make new
compiles for sparc, and Mozilla is a bit bloated.


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