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Re: Using Sun monitor with regular svga card.

I read the notes from:


And could get a more "proper" modeline for my HP monitor. However, since
don't have all the sync, blank, front/back porch, etc. specs for the SUN
GDM1662B monitor, I don't know if I'm getting a proper modeline from
those modeline calculators in the web. Like:


(which uses some ratios instead of time intervals as described in the
first URL.)

This monitor supports composite sync. I'm using a 13W3 female to HD15
male adaptor that I bought advertised as a Sun monitor to VGA, so I
don't think is the adaptor that is giving me problems.

All I know at this point is that the monitor supports 1280x1024, HF:
71.7 kHz, VF: 67 Hz and composite sync. Any ideas as to what else is


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