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Package dependancies on Solaris


This is not on-topic, but I would apprecite an answer.

A client I am migrating from Solaris 7 to Debian/Sparc has tonnes of stuff
installed.  There is no documentation ntation on why a particular package
was installed.  To enable us to create a list of services that he is
running, we started to de-install packages, useing pkgrm, and checking if
the dozens of services he requires still work.

What I need is the equivalent of dselect for Solaris.  ie, I wish to
remove SUNWdtcor, the CDE Core package, and all that depend on it.
If I do a pkgrm, I am told of dependancies that will break, but cannot
say, OK, remove them too.

My Solaris experience is 3 years old.  Any pointerv will be deeply
appreciated.  For what its worth, I want to hit the X system first, the
machines (old and new machines will be headless).

Thanks again

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