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Re: Package dependancies on Solaris

Sanjeev Gupta wrote:
> Folks,
> This is not on-topic, but I would apprecite an answer.
> A client I am migrating from Solaris 7 to Debian/Sparc
I think this makes this on-topic enough  ;{)>  My hearty
encouragement in your endeavor.

> has tonnes of stuff installed.  There is no documentation
> ntation on why a particular package was installed.
> To enable us to create a list of services that he is
> running, we started to de-install packages, useing pkgrm,
> and checking if the dozens of services he requires still work.

I question this approach, since it doesn't seem to lead
to a conversion to Linux.  A structured attack seems better:
define what the needed services are, and find out if there
are free/open/free-enough software packages and/or sources
to provide those needed services, or at least, closed ports
to Linux for them.

Then, install Linux & the needed servers, and the applicable
configuration and data files archived from the Solaris

Your current method could merely end up with a pared-down
SunOS, albeit with the lastest patches, with a lot of
work expended just to find out that you really can't shut
down Solaris because the critical server hasn't been ported
or hasn't available source code to port it yourself.

As a reprise, to "create list of services ... running...".
Why not 'ps -ef', 'cat /etc/inet.conf', 'cat /etc/inittab',
'ls /etc/init.d', 'ls /etc/rc?.d'.  Packages installed !=
services running.  What are the _real_ needs, and will
software running on Linux meet them?

I'm on the list.

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