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Re: Problem with X on an Ultra 5

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> > Well, I reinstalled 2.2 and didn't let anXious do anything.  When I
> > installed xserver-mach64 it told me to copy the XF86Config.SPARC and
> > edit it.  I did so, but when I go into X, same deal, messed up keymap.
> Is this a ps/2 keyboard or a Sun type5? Also, do you have gpm running?
> What device is the mouse referenced as in XF86Config? Is that device a
> symlink, and if so, what does it point to?
> Ben

Wanted to do a follow-up on this.  It turns out that I needed to comment
the XKbDisable line in the XF86Config.  The install mentions needing to
set the keyboard type, but doesn't mention commenting that line.  Once I
did, the keyboard worked perfectly.  And now Debian is usable, YAY! =)


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