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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Sun screens on PCs?

On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 09:51:36AM +0200, Jonas Majauskas wrote:
>   You can always try to use framebuffer console. In this way you can 
> use your own video modes. But your video card must be supported...

Ok, update

I found out the monitor is a GDM-1962-B. It works in fixed
sync. I found lots of webpages on the subject. It also uses
something called ``composite sync'', meaning, different from PC
monitors, it doesn't receive separate H and V sync signals. So
I need a video card that supports both fixed sync and composite
sync. I've been told that ATI Graphics Expression, Xpert@Play
and RageII, and Matrox Millenium all can do that.

I'll post more as it happens.

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