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Re: Configure tape drive ?

> On Oct 04, BARBET Alain scrawled :

> Hi ! Thank for your reply !
> I don't know exactly how connect the SCSI cable ... so there is
> first : hard disk
> second : tape drive
> third : hard drive
> There is a "normal" order for SCSI ? But I don't understand, if this is a malfunction cable, how I can see the
> last hard drive behind the tape drive ?
There is no "normal" order for SCSI devices, theoretically, you can put them
in any order on the bus, so long as the end devices are terminated, and none
of the other devices (ie the ones in the middle) are terminated.  My guess is
that either the BIOS can't detect your drive (unusual), the cable is not
plugged into your tape drive correctly, or there are some jumpers on the tape
drive that need to be set up properly. 
Probably ID number jumpers and termination.
What happens with me often (cause I swap drives between machines regularly) is
that I will have two drives on a SCSI bus with the same ID number.  The BIOS
will recognise one, but not both (and does this without errors on the drive
that is detected too), so checking that one would be high on priorities I
anyone think of anything else?

good luck,
Jean-Paul Blaquiere
   	gotta www.wibble.org again

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