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Re: Floppy Installation on Sparcstation 1

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Ashok Gopalakrishnan wrote:

 : Eric Delaunay wrote:
 : > 
 : > Are you sure the root.bin file was written without errors on your floppy disk?
 : > Can you read back out then try to compare it or gunzip it to test its
 : > integrity?
 : > Another suggestion: have you tried new floppy medium?
 : > Hmm, how many memory your sparc1 has?
 : > 
 : I tried with 3 floppy disks and they all behaved the same way.
 : As you suggested, I did read off the floppy and compared it with the
 : downloaded file. There were no errors. After gunzipping, there were still no
 : errors in comparison.
 : My sparc1 has 4 banks of 4MB each (total 16MB). While detecting the hardware,
 : the memory is detected as follows:
 : available 13856K, kernel 1028K, data 1140K.
 : I added 'append="mem=16m"' to the silo.conf file on the floppy and it still
 : detected only 13856K. Could this be a possible problem cause?

13856 + 1028 + 1140 = 16024.  Not quite 16384, but close.  The kernel
does have a memory footprint ...

 : Also, before prompting for the root floppy, a warning message appears:
 : floppy0 : Warning disk change called early
 : Is this normal?

It always happened last time I tried an install, but I admit it's been a

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