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/bin/kill is broken! (was Re: SIGPWR)

>I'm trying to build sysvinit 2.74-4 but init.c refers to SIGPWR macro which
>is not defined on sparc.  Neither the kernel sparc sources (2.0.33 & 2.1.78
>checked) nor the libc6-dev package provide it.
>Refering to the manpage signal(7), SIGPWR could be 29, but it is also SIGLOST.
>What is it's real value ?

Aaargh! (or, I just tried to figure it out...) It seems that there is
some confusion about which signals do what on the sparc. bash does not
list a PWR signal, /bin/kill does. So I tried /bin/kill -PWR to see what
signal I got:

susan# /bin/kill -PWR $!
[1]+  User defined signal 1   ./strace sleep 300

Hmm, USR1 is 30 according to bash & signal.h. Lets try /bin/kill -USR1:

susan# /bin/kill -USR1 $!  
[1]+  Bus error               ./strace sleep 300

It would seem that /bin/kill is sending signals according to i386 signal
numbers... From what I can gather, sparc doesn't really have a PWR signal
at the moment, Solaris (and presumably SunOS) use 19 (which is SIGCONT for
us). This may be somthing to ask on the sparclinux list...


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