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Re: libc6 perl (Re: Sun Netra I5)

>Eric> BTW, it there a libc6 perl package available ?  I heard it
>Eric> didn't pass all the regression tests, but could it be
>Eric> uploaded as is ?  It is almost needed by the boot disks.
>As it exists (for me) now, it has some major SIGFPE problems, and SDBM_File
>seems thoroughly broken.  I'm loath to put it up as is.

>From what I've been able to determine, that is due to missing math-emulation
in the kernel. I've been trying to get python to work, and had similar
problems. Running with a recent 2.1 kernel from vger got rid of the SIGFPE:s,
so now I get SIGSEGV in libm.so:feupdateenv() instead... :-/ 


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