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debian/sparc progress

Hello all developers,

  this is a quick summary of developments needed to continue on the sparc port:

1/ there is a new, binary incompatible, glibc snapshot release by the GLIBC
   team (see a previous post from Ulrich Drepper <drepper@cygnus.com>).
   I think we *should* release it ASAP to base our new ports on it.
   Juan do you work on it ?

2/ perl is still libc5.  I managed to build the 5.004_04 release with libc6
   but it fails to load modules if the LD_BIND_NOW environment variable is not
   set to 1.
   Stephen do you work on it ?

3/ silo is still libc5.
   Davide Barbieri is working on it, so I hope it will release soon.

4/ new boot disks are needed to bootstrap a Debian installation.
   I made my first try available to
   but it's not a plain libc6 release (silo is still libc5, and the libc6
   perl-base package I included in it doesn't work with dpkg-ftp) and it is
   a bit buggy.  Some users, at least, are succeeded in installing Debian
   with them :-)

Any comments about this short list of items are welcome.  Did I miss some
important points ?


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