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Re: Pre-release of boot floppies for SPARC !!!

Duncan C THOMSON wrote [part 1]:
> this is my first go at booting linux on a sparc (been running it on i386
> since pre1.0, and have administered sparcs in the past, although only a
> little).
> went through the steps for booting the system - tftp, rarp, boot net, and 
> so on.
> on my second try of `boot net', the sparc seemed to read the boot image
> over the network, and it's now sitting doing nothing, except generating
> tftp connections to the tftp server.  is it looking for something other
> that the `tftpboot.img' file?  have i missed something obvious? 

Duncan C THOMSON wrote [part 2]:
> after five minutes of tftp connections to the server (about a minute after
> i sent the previous email), it stopped, and appeared to go through the
> start of the kernel boot sequence.  it then (during the RAMDISK setup, i
> think) began and now is going through a series of (kernel?) error messages
> like: 
> 	end_request: I/O error, dev 01:00, sector XXXXX
> where XXXXX is a continually increasing number.  i would suspect a memory
> error, but this system was running redhat flawlessly until i tried out the
> debian install... (i inherited the system from someone else, who 
> preferred redhat - i prefer debian)
> i've tried this twice and had the same result both times - long pause with
> tftp requests, apparent bootup and error messages at the same stage. 
> i'm happy enough to wait for the non-beta version for myself, but i
> thought this info might help you.  it's a sun4c system (ELC) with 48MB. 

Maybe it's a problem with sun4c architecture ?
I'm waiting for getting a video card in my sparc2 to connect it to a monitor.
I will then be able to boot it and see what's happen at this time.  I believe
it's a sun4c system.

BTW, did you tried another installation method ?  Like using an NFS mounted
root fs ?


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