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Re: debian/sparc progress

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Delaunay <delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr> writes:
    Eric> 2/ perl is still libc5.  I managed to build the 5.004_04
    Eric> release with libc6 but it fails to load modules if the
    Eric> LD_BIND_NOW environment variable is not set to 1.  Stephen
    Eric> do you work on it ?

I do.  I finally got a local mirror set up am hoping to go charging into
it as soon as I resolve my latest problem (see below).

    Eric> 4/ new boot disks are needed to bootstrap a Debian
    Eric> installation.  I made my first try available to
    Eric> ftp://lix.polytechnique.fr/pub/Linux/debian/sparc/exp/disks-sparc/980226
    Eric> but it's not a plain libc6 release (silo is still libc5, and
    Eric> the libc6 perl-base package I included in it doesn't work
    Eric> with dpkg-ftp) and it is a bit buggy.  Some users, at least,
    Eric> are succeeded in installing Debian with them :-)

I'll be trying those out tonight.  For some reason nearly my entire system
resonds with a SEGFAULT when I runa a command.  I upgraded to a newer
libc last week & today is my first serious look since.  Has anyone else
run into something similar?

"Normality is a statistical illusion." -- me

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