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Re: silo goes wrong

Davide Barbieri wrote:
 > Ciao,
 > 	I've managed to compile silo with glibc,
 > don't know how (uh, I have only run 'make', and the
 > problem with __setjmp already defined in libc5
 > disappeared).

The problem is still there. Silo must be linked with
libc, and there's a conflict with __setjmp from silo
sources. Jacub tell me, that jmp.o (with __setjmp
definition) is called before libc, so it shoudn't
be a problem. So, for this reason, and because
sometimes it fails to link, and sometimes not,
I think that I have a problem with ld.

I'm using binutils version, am I
using the wrong version? Anyone have the same problem?

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