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Re: New install help

> Debian for quite awhile, and can get around in it pretty well.  What I'm
> looking for is an easy step by step on getting the 1+ to boot Deb.  The

Things are still a little dodgy, getting a *complete* debian system
isn't there yet (ncurses3.4 is missing but some stuff uses it, one of
the bfd packages has a trash bfd.info.gz, little things like that),
but if you want something to usefully experiment, netbooting is the
way to go.

Aside from the tar file I got from someone else here of a running
system (I don't have an appropriate system to re-serve it from, but I
could maybe make bootable zip disks for people if that would be
useful -- let me know, though I couldn't actually do any until
january) the two most useful places to look were:


I'll note that from my experience, tftp+nfs is the way to go; oh, and
an SS1+ probably has the old proms (mine does) so you need to actually
do a "reset" before rebooting, or it gets confused [blanks the
monitor, stops listening to anything] which can make you think that
the installation failed when it's just the reset that failed.
Supposedly telling the monitor "setenv sunmon-compat? false" will fix
this problem but I haven't tried it.

Note of course that once you've netbooted, the first thing you want to
do is install on an actual disk... 

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