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New install help

Ok here's my situation.  I've recently had a donation of older Sun
equipment, one of which was a Sparc Station 1+.  I have two LX's running
Solaris 2.4 (Netra release).  Problem is the Netra CD won't install on the
1+ (yes I've tried NFS, and all the separate images on the CD).  I think
Sun does not want "Netra" on the older boxes.  I've been running x86
Debian for quite awhile, and can get around in it pretty well.  What I'm
looking for is an easy step by step on getting the 1+ to boot Deb.  The
Disk on the 1+ is a 1GB, it has 64MB RAM, and a nice frame buffer card.
I'm not sure if the partition is in tact enough to use. How do I
re-partition?  Can I make a bootable tape on the LX (has a Viper 150
hooked up) I'd like to get it running Deb if I can.

On a side note Sun Canada has been relucant to donate a "fully functional
Solaris CD" I'd be willing to trade a spare LX chassis (no ram or HD, but
frame buffer upgrade ram) + keyboard, mouse, and pad for a full 2.4, 2.5,
or 2.6 CD (obviously the newer the better) LX's make great ISDN gateway
systems or as a firewall system ISDN > Eth. Or if you happen to have a cd
you don't need, and wish to be generous, that would be OK too. 

Thank You

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