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Re: ZIP disk sparc install, anyone?

Thanks to a tar file from Michael Shuey, the
http://www.geog.ubc.ca/s_linux/faq.html web page, and the
Debian-SPARC.txt in
I've now got a my SS1 running off of a bootable debian/sparc ZIP disk.
I'm ftp'ing and installing packages to get it usable as a development
system (can't really use it over the net until I get kerberos up and
running, for example.)  I've noticed that a number of packages in
hamm/binary-sparc (less and info, for example) are built with
ncurses-3.4, which doesn't exist in hamm/binary-sparc or in master's
project/.../Incoming directory (only a newer "binutils" and "at"
there...)  So, where *did* those packages come from, if ncurses is
missing?  Should I just grab the sources and build it?

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