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ncurses3.4 and uploads in general...

> ncurses-3.4, which doesn't exist in hamm/binary-sparc or in master's
> project/.../Incoming directory (only a newer "binutils" and "at"

So ncurses 3.4 built cleanly with one minor patch to debian/rules
which I've filed as a bug (apparently tic gets run on the rxvt.ti file
using the installed shared libs, instead of the freshly built ones,
but on any other platform you wouldn't notice because you *have*
preinstalled libraries :-)  However: I can't find (and I thought it
was documented *somewher*) procedures for uploads of alternate
architecture packages.  I maintain a dozen or so packages and do the
x86 uploads for them already... so I've already got the accounts and
dupload setup to do it... is there anything more than that? Or do I
just cook up a .changes file and dupload that?  I looked in
/usr/doc/dpkg and /usr/doc/debian-policy and didn't find what I was
looking for, so a more specific pointer would be helpful (since I
suspect I'll be uploading a lot of these as I make my system more

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