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>According to SPARC Intl's lawyers the problem (at least in their mind)
>is that when people see a URL like:
>they will assume that SPARC Intl. is sponsoring the project.  I don't
>think they would have a problem with a project that was not computer
>related.  They feel that our "product" (their term) has not passed
>their "rigorous compliance testing procedures" and therefore to imply
>that SPARC Intl. sponsor the project diminishes the value of the mark
>for the companies that have licensed the mark.

The only good lawyer is a dead lawyer. To assume that the word sparc
in a URL implies sponsorship by SI is ludicrous beyond belief. Whilst
I appreciate you don't have the time/money/inclination to contest the
issue, but surely a disclaimer saying "This site isn't sponsored by SI"
would have been enough.

My web pages will soon have the word "sparc" in every URL. Let them sue me.

Perhaps one way round this would be to apply to SI for sponsorship.
That way, they could put it through their "rigorous compliance testing
procedures", and Sparc Linux would come out of it with a nice "Sparc
Compliant" badge. Oh no, I forgot -- this is Sun we're talking about.
Competition cannot be tolerated...


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